Post operative pain, swelling, joint stiffness and weakness is to be expected following surgery and can vary considerably between individuals and with different operations. 

Ensuring an effective rehabilitation strategy post op is a critical component of recovery.

At ESSMC we are able to assist in the speed of recovery following surgery. Strategies developed pre operatively to improve movement and strength can help post op. Physiotherapy led treatments to address pain, swelling (Recovery Pump- intermittent compression therapy),  movement, muscle activation (EMG biofeedback) and strength can optimise recovery and return to normal function, work and play. We will workclosely with your surgeon and GP in a coordinated manner to ensure as smooth as possible pathway.

We commonly treat and rehabilitate ACL reconstruction, hip, knee and ankle arthroscopy, joint replacement, shoulder operations such as stabilisation, rotator cuff repair and acromioplasty and recovery following bone fractures. 



ACL Reconstruction post op protocol

Rehab videos (shoulder)