The field of sports and exercise medicine covers individuals from primary school age through to people in their 90s. We aim to promote health through the increased use of exercise and physical activity and are able to advise on the safe use of exercise in both the prevention and treatment of illness. We are trained to assess, diagnose, and manage injuries and medical conditions in patients whether they be school-aged athletes, professional athletes, the weekend warrior, or the elderly walker. We are also experienced in the assessment and management of workplace injuries. Our aim is to return people to their desired level of activity as soon as possible with a clear explanation of appropriate management options.


Our doctors have provided medical services at the Olympic Games, the Paralympic games, and for professional teams in the AFL, NRL, and A-League. We have also provided medical services for large Australian companies such as Qantas and Woolworths.

With over 20 years of private practice experience there is no injury too big or too small for us to manage.


Dr. Andrew Mc Donald

Dr Jane Taylor

Dr Thomas Longworth