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What to bring to your appointment?

Any scans and their reports. 

If you have a referral or any specialist reports please bring it with you.

Relevant cards (Health fund, DVA)

For Workers Compensation or Third Party; a referral, claim number and insurance company details.

For Dynamic Dietitians; a 1 week food diary leading into the initial consultation. 


What does it cost?

Each practitioner has a different cost structure. Please contact the office for further detail. Payment is required at time of consultation.

Can I claim on my health fund?

There are many levels of health cover in Australia. Whether you can claim on allied health services depends on your level of cover. How much you can claim back depends on your fund. Items such as braces, cast and splint materials are billed separately and again the ability to claim these items will depend on the fund and level of cover. We do have HICAPS which allows for immediate claiming through your health fund.

Can I claim on Medicare for allied health services?

The only way to claim allied health services through Medicare is with an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) organised through your GP. There are conditions that need to be met (complex and /or chronic condition) that are determined by your GP. $52.95 is claimable back off Medicare for each consultation for a maximum of 5 per year.

What do I wear?

To assess and treat an area we need to be able to see it! Wearing appropriate clothing helps us and saves time. For example to treat a knee, wear shorts or long pants that easily come above the knee. For a female shoulder ;a thin strap singlet is ideal. We do have gowns and spare shorts if need be and your modesty is always respected.

Anything else??

Ring 02 93892766 for any specific inquiry and either speak with our reception or directly with our physiotherapists.