Sarah Dacres Mannings is an advanced sports dietitian and nutritional expert. Sarah is the founder of Dynamic Dietitians.

Dynamic Dietitians:

  • Provide the highest quality sports, clinical and general nutrition advice.
  • Translates scientific information into practical nutrition strategies to allow you to perform at your best whether in the office, general living, pregnancy, PCOS, school or sporting endeavours.
  • Individualised shopping sessions with our cooking guru.

Every day we are bombarded with information on what we should and should not do with our diets, how to lose weight, gain weight, feel better, perform better – how do we know what is accurate? 

Not an athlete ? A sports dietitian is still your best choice for general dietary advice in areas such as heart disease, weight control, pregnancy, insulin resistance and diabetes. Sports dietitians have extra knowledge on the effect of travel, jet lag, exercise or lack of exercise on your dietary intake and body composition, and are trained to give very practical advice what ever your situation.

Dynamic Dietitians can help you cut through the hype and individualise for you a meal plan & nutrition strategies to fit your lifestyle and enable you to achieve your goals.